Advice from AP Scholars

  • Perspective AP students:  Please take a moment to read some wise advice from former AP scholars.

    "I would just tell a new AP student to take good notes when they read the chapters, do their homework early, and have fun with projects. Overall, I loved this class, and I'm glad that I took it!"   MR

     "Overall this year, I felt a little shaky going through the motions, all the way into the exam. But once I got that test, my confidence began to build and build and build. By the time I finished, I felt confident that I at least got a 3, if not a 4. I'm not exaggerating when I say the work up until this point was difficult, time consuming, and tedious. But in the end, I feel like it was worth it. Even if I failed the exam, I'm extremely prepared for the regents exam! Thank you so much for putting in all this effort Mrs. Kornacki! It was greatly appreciated by all of the students! New AP Students: I have 2 words for you. TIME MANAGEMENT. ( Also, never forget to Be Excellent to Each Other!)"    TL

    "To the incoming AP students, good luck! This course is going to push you a lot! All of us that took it realized that procrastination is not a good idea. I would be up reading the chapter until 1 in the morning at times, like the first chapter for example. You need to give yourself time to do your homework and do the best you can on it. Remember this course is hard, but not impossible!"    LK

    "Lastly, here's my advice to new AP students: You can get away with putting in minimum work at home and doing mediocre or even very well during class, but you're not going to get the same results as someone who works very hard all the time. Make sure you have enough time at home to really put a lot of effort into homework, projects, and studying. If you have clubs, sports, work, or extracurricular activities, make sure you're willing to sacrifice your time at those activities or even your own sleep and health for this class. It sounds drastic but being an AP scholar means putting in an AP-amount of work and time."     VW

    "Advice I would give to a new AP student would be to pay attention in class and actually read the chapters. It’s easier to understand if it is explained, through reading the chapter or having it explained by a teacher. I don’t regret taking AP World this year."     VH

    "Advice: JOHN GREEN CRASH COURSE WORLD HISTORY VIDEOS. Overall,I enjoyed the class. I believe it was challenging but manageable. I especially liked how all the people in the class were competent."     CF

    "This class as a whole is a very rigorous course. It takes a lot of time and effort to truly do well in this class. First, the moodle will help you stay organized. Some people hate the moodle but using it to guide you through homework and studying will be very beneficial to you. Your textbook will be your baby! You're going to bring it everywhere and always be reading it. Make sure you get AS MANY chapters read and take notes as much as you can. The less you have to worry about during school the better! The chapter quizzes are a piece of cake if you have decent notes. You are allowed to use your notes on the chapter quizzes. Just make sure you don't print them off the internet! The unit tests are very hard. You may get lower grades than you are used too, and that's okay. Just study and work hard and the tests will get easier as you become a better test taker!"   SA

    "You are about to embark on a 12,000 year odyssey full of adventure, heroes, villains, conflict, horror, and beauty.  So try not to think of history as just a bunch of meaningless and irrelevant dates, kings, and treaties.  Instead, think of it as a grand story full of characters that are just like all of us and as a series of living events that have all impacted the world of today.  You are going to be studying some truly fascinating times, beliefs, and personalities, so take advantage of every minute of it!  Delve into the material beyond the class – if something is interesting to you, make an effort to learn more about it.  Books and the internet are full of resources that you can use, and I speak from experience when I say that Mrs. Kornacki is always willing to tell you more about a topic – all you have to do is ask (and she gives really awesome book recommendations too!) So bon voyage!  Have fun, learn lots, and be excellent to each other!"    MG

    This class is like a skilled craftsmen or iron worker. If you can endure the grueling conditions and long, painful process, it will mold you into something beautiful. The students who took this class seriously came out historians, and good ones at that. As humans, we should be proud to know things we take for granted, our history, the geography of our planet, the follies of men and women who were given power, human achievement across the globe. Maybe I'm just a nerd, but this is interesting stuff. CF

    *steps up to presidential podium*

    "Finally, to my fellow AP colleagues past and present:  We all know one must work hard to achieve greatness, and this class has taught me how hard I can actually work. I now know how little sleep I can have and still function, as well as how far I can push my brain to try to remember thousands of years of history.  However, what I have really learned is that both, in history and in class, people come together in times of great struggle. That I why I send a salute to all those who I have learned with this year and send words of wisdom to those taking this next year.  No matter how much the world pushes, and even if  you feel you are past your breaking point, push back and don't stop until the world calls "Uncle" and hands you a 5 on that exam!!  In the words of a college professor: NEVER achieve your goals because when you achieve your goals the journey ends and a good journey continue's forever.  Also in the words of our professor , "In life, you don't have to outrun the bear, just the slowest person." Thank you for an amazing year and good luck in all your future endeavors!"     ER