Algebra Syllabus




    Syllabus - Common Core Algebra

    Mrs. Mertz


    • Linear Equations-Solving, Graphing, and Writing Linear Equations
    • Solving Linear Inequalities and Solving Systems of Equations
    • Linear, Exponential and Quadratic Functions
    • Polynomial Operations and Factoring
    • Rational Equations and Functions
    • Statistics




              You will need to have in class each day:

    • Spiral Notebook (or loose leaf)
    • 2-inch binder (or larger) – need 3 dividers for 1. Note Packets, 2. Tests & Quizzes, and 3. Regents Reviews
    • A pen, pencil and highlighter
    • A straightedge (ruler)
    • A TI 84 Plus graphing calculator (the graphing calculator is required for the course & Regents exam)
    • Agenda (for recording all homework assignments and passes)




    Class absences should be kept to a minimum.  You are responsible for finding out what was covered in your absence and for making up all assignments, including tests, within two class days of the absence. If you are present the day of a test, you will take the test, assuming you did not miss new material during your absence and have had time to get notes.  If you miss a day of review you will still be expected to take the test!





    Each grading period, your grade will be calculated using the following categories. 

               -Homework              15%

               -Regents Reviews    15%

               -Quizzes                  20%

               -Participation           10%

               -Tests                      40%   (2 - 4 tests are given each marking period)


    Your final grade will be calculated by averaging the 2 10-week grades (110% of overall grade).\

    Passing the Algebra (or Geometry) Regents Exam is required for graduation.



                         To avoid damaging your participation grade, make sure you:

    1. Are on time to class.
    2. Are prepared for class.
    3. Are enthusiastic and eager to participate in a positive way.
    4. Treat others with courtesy and respect.


                    To earn extra points on your participation grade – (****Extra Credit)

    • Advisement: 2 point/day



    You will be tested at regular intervals on all material covered since the start of the year. 



    Homework assignments are designed for you to find out, before the test, what you understand and what you don’t.  It is a key component for success in this class.


    Homework assignments will be checked and graded using a variety of techniques.  All students are expected to come to class with their homework completed.  If a student fails to complete the assignment prior to class they will be expected to come during advisement.  


    1. Missing homework assignments can be turned in for ½ credit.
    2. Regents Reviews & Quizzes can be corrected for ½ credit back.


    1. Plan on enjoying math, because you will be doing a lot of it!
    2. Complete every homework assignment to the best of your ability.
    3. Review all tests and a quiz prior to the next exam - each test is cumulative.
    4. Find a group of friends to do homework with and study with if at all possible. You are welcome to use my room as an after school meeting place whenever I am available.
    5. Take advantage of opportunities to do corrections.