Scholastic Bowl

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What is Scholastic Bowl?

It is a club that competes in academic trivia against schools in Genessee County. The questions include: math, geography, history, sciences, literature, grammer, foreign languages, current events, and more.  

When is Scholatic Bowl?

Practices are held after school in Room 120 once a week from late October through December. 

Matches are held on Wednesday or Thursday evenings throughout January and February.

Who can join?

Scholastic Bowl is open to all Alden students from 8th grade through 12th grade.

How many students are on the team?

Each match 4 students are able to compete, except for the first match where only 3 students compete. 

The team roster can hold up to 20 names.

What is the format of the match?

The matches last approximately 1 hour and there are 3 rounds. 

The first round is 9 minutes and the third round is 6 minutes.  These two rounds follow the same format.  Students have the opportunity to answer free response questions using a buzzer system.  Each team may only ring in one time to answer a question, the first team to answer the question correctly receives 10 points.  

Round two is a lightening round.  The team with the lowest score has the first choice of 4 sets of questions. The team must have one spokesperson to answer the questions.  Ten questions are read and the team has 1 minute to answer as many as they can correctly.