Scholastic Bowl Practice Questions

  • If you were to walk north along the border between Ontario and Quebec, you would reach what bay that opens into Hudson Bay?

    This mangled speech is from what fairy tale?

    "Wail, wail, wail," set disk wicket woof,

    "evánescent ladle rat rotten hut!  Wares or

    putty ladle gull goring wizard ladle bass


    What idiom that is used to indicate essential facts leterally refers to individual parts of the skeletal system?

    In feet, how tall is a horse that measures 12 hands at the withers?

    Which novel by Jules Verne describes a circumnavigation?

    It is the size of a small farm and only about 1,000 people live in it.  It has its own flag,radio station, stamps, and railroad.  Name this walled independent state overlooking the Tiber River.

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