Ultimate Frisbee

  • Ultimate Frisbee Study Guide

    Types of Grips

    1.       Basic-used for accuracy

    2.       Hybrid- used for accuracy and distance

    3.       Power- used for distance

    Ways to catch

    1.       Pancake- two hands one on top one on the bottom

    2.       C-Catch- one or two hands making the letters “C” with your fingers

    Rules of Ultimate Frisbee

    1.       The person with the Frisbee has 5 seconds to get rid of the Frisbee

    2.       The defense must give the person with the Frisbee an arm’s length to throw the Frisbee

    3.       The person catching the Frisbee has three steps to stop their momentum

    4.       Momentum cannot carry you into the end-zone for a score

    5.       You can throw the Frisbee in any direction

    6.       You start the game by one team throwing the Frisbee length of the field, This is called a pull

    Ways to gain Position of the Frisbee

    1.       The Frisbee is thrown out of bounds

    2.       One team intercepts the Frisbee

    3.       The offensive team drops the Frisbee

    4.       The defense knocks down the Frisbee

    Types of Defense

    1.       Man to man-each person is responsible to cover a person

    2.       Zone- each person is responsible for an area

    Ways to get open on offense: Cutting to the open space, Fakes, Misdirection’s