Economics 12

  •  Welcome to Economics 12!

    Grade 12: Economics, the Enterprise System, and Finance
    "'Economics, the Enterprise System, and Finance' examines the principles of the United States free market economy in a global context. Students will examine their individual responsibility for managing their personal finances. Students will analyze the role of supply and demand in determining the prices individuals and businesses face in the product and factor markets, and the global nature of these markets. Students will study changes to the workforce in the United States and the role of entrepreneurs in our economy, as well as the impact of globalization. Students will explore the challenges facing the United States free market economy in a global environment and various policy-making opportunities available to government to address these challenges."
    -NYS Social Studies Framework, 2014
    This year we will be examining:
    • Individual Responsibility and the Economy
    • Individuals and Businesses in the Product and Factor Markets
    • The Impacts of American Capitalism in a Global Economy
    • The Tools of Economic Policy in a Global Economy
     Economics is a New York State GRADUATION requirement.  Failure to successfully complete this class will result in your inability to graduate this year.  However, coming to class with a positive attitude and completing the required work is all you need to do to be successful! 
    You Will Need the Following Supplies:
    • Surface Pro and pen
    • Binder/folder
    • Paper
    • Writing Utensils

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