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    Preparing for college testing, applications, and balancing the demands of the junior year is a daunting task for even the most conscientious student.  Many students enter their senior year without having even taken one SAT or ACT test.  This leaves the seniors with very little time or preparation for the only two tests offered before the usual December 1 college application deadline.  They are unprepared for the college search demands that should be undertaken in their junior year.  Consequently, they may not have the proper requirements completed to be accepted into the college of their choice. Many have not even began the process of finding a college or university that fits with their needs!  This lack of preparation puts students a great disadvantage in their higher education before they even leave high school.


    The goal of this course is to navigate the high stakes testing demands of the nation’s colleges (ACT, SAT, SAT subject tests), advance the development students’ reading and writing skills, and thoroughly research and prepare for the demands of college application and career readiness.  The outcomes of this course should include SAT, ACT, and SAT subject test preparation, thorough and intensive college research, and increased reading, writing, and research skills for college preparation.

    Required Materials:

    -          1 inch Binder with 5 dividers

    -          200 index cards

    -          Loose leaf paper

    -          Writing utensils- both pen and pencil


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