College Research Project

  • College Research Project

    While the members of the Class of 2017 are finishing up their junior year, preparing for the start of their senior year, they will soon have to start thinking of that next step after high school —and for many that will include going to college.

    For the next few months, you juniors will be looking at different schools to attend for post-high school training and education. When doing so, it’s important to consider “Why should I go here?” when applying to a school.

    When you pick a college, it’s a lot like picking a home.

    You need to like the environment you’re in, enjoy the people around you, and be able to live there for the next few years of your life.

    While most prospective students overlook this part of the college process, it is one of the most vital parts to successfully finding a college that suits you.


    Using the TEMPLATE below, you must research a minimum of 4 schools in which you are interested.

    -         You should consider the majors you are interested when deciding the schools. Does the school offer the program(s) you are interested in taking?


    All information on these schools must be typed in the templates provided to you, found on both Mrs. Williams’ and Mrs. Sobol’s websites.


    For each additional school you research, you may obtain extra credit on this project

    You will be graded using the rubric found in the file below.





    Project Due Date:  Day 1: Wednesday, Jan. 11

        Day 2: Tuesday, Jan. 17

        Day 3: Friday, Jan. 13

    Late projects will lose 20% per day they are late.  This is a major part of your 4th marking term grade.  Failure to complete this project may result in failure in the class.

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