"You don't take a photo; you make it." -Ansel Adams

Photography 1





    Course Outline and Policies

    Course Overview

    Students will learn manual 35 mm camera operation, creative use of shutter speed and aperture, black and white film development, and darkroom printing. Composition and lighting will be explored. Additional methods in creative application of tinting, painting, collaging will be utilized. Students will effectively learn how to present their work in traditional and non-traditional formats.

    Students will learn how to use the digital camera beyond pointing and shooting, organize their files, and edit to enhance the image using related software (Adobe Photoshop). During the semester, students will be introduced to different ways of posting, sharing, and critiquing their work though online resources.



    Please adhere the rules defined on the photography Use and Safety Agreement. If you finish an assignment early, please return the camera so that others will have the opportunity to use it.

    You will sign out camera using your PhotoTag. You should place the PhotoTag in the corresponding sleeve on the door of the camera cabinet in the storeroom. When you return the camera, remove your PhotoTag from the sleeve and return it in the plastic storage bin on the camera cabinet door.

    Notify your teacher if the battery is low and/or the camera needs attention.


    Shooting Assignments

    In a given marking period, you will be given both b\w and digital assignments. Please check your teacher’s website for specific requirements and due dates.

    Please respect that the cameras are shared equipment. To ensure everyone has an adequate amount of time, you are required to return the camera on your assigned due date. If you finish your assignment(s) early, please notify your teacher so a classmate will be given the opportunity to use it.

    Due Dates

    These will be given during the introduction of a shooting assignment(s) and will be posted on our website.

    Due date = roll of film shot/assignment(s) and camera returned



    Shooting Assignments Requirements

    Tableaux - Artists for centuries have looked to each other for inspiration. Just as these artists, you will look to photographers for inspiration and/or solution to given shooting assignments.  

    This is to be completed PRIOR to shooting. Your tableaux should include collection of photographs that illustrates thoughtful consideration of the assignment.   The total number of images required and how the tableaux will be shared may vary from assignment to assignment. 

    Black and White


    Completed Tableaux

    Completed Critique Sheet

    Size and Number of required Prints will be indicated on shooting assignment handout

    Presentation and/or sharing will depend on the particular assignment

    (see assignment handout or website)

    Photography Journal Record (b/w)


    Contact Sheet (b/w)


    Test Strips attached to Critique Sheet (b/w)



    Photo of the Month due second last week of the month

    At the beginning of each month, a theme will be given and a 4 x 6 print capturing that theme will be due the last day you have photo in the month. A month photography theme will be given. 

    Required Reading from the Textbook/Articles

    This reading will supplement the knowledge you have gained through lectures and hand-on experiences. For each chapter, there will be some sort of “proof of completion”. Sometimes, that might be a worksheet, other times I will ask you do create a worksheet, note sheet, shooting assignment, power point, a GoogleRR document and share with the class, and/ or test for the chapter with key.






"Anyone can take a  picture...a person with a passion sees the picture before it's taken." -  Anonymous anyone can do it!
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