Services of the Middle School Guidance Department

  • Services Provided by the Middle School Guidance Department:

    Educational Assistance

    -         Academic placements

    -         Course selection

    -         Intervention services and accelerated classes

    -         Study skills

    -         Organization

    -         Time management

    -         Tips for studying

    -         Transition services

    -         Intermediate school to middle school

    -         Middle school to high school

    -         Peer services

    -         Tutoring

    -         Conflict resolution


    Personal Counseling


    -         Interpersonal issues

    -         Peer relations

    -         Crisis counseling

    -         Family support

    Testing Coordination

    New York State Assessments at all grade levels for ELA and Math. Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language for 8th graders. See the State Assessments link for more information.