Bullying Prevention

  • Bully-Free at Alden Middle

    The school counselors, co-teach a two-week educational unit on bully prevention in the seventh grade Health classes.  The unit has an emphasis on personal reflection.  Students define verbal, physical and cyber-bullying and also identify circumstances of where and when bullying occurs. 

    To facilitate learning about self-reflection and responsibility, we address roles in bullying, utilize multi-media video which depicts cyber-bullying situations and explores what to do should students witness bullying.  Students learn about the far reaching effects of bullying, how a situation can easily escalate and the roles that students play in these types of situations.

    Additionally, students learn pro-active communication styles with the intent to prevent future bullying.  Throughout the two-week unit, counselors encourage students to seek help from any adult they trust, if they are involved in any bully situation.  The unit culminates with students making a commitment to keep Alden Middle School bully free.