Teen Troubles

  • Is your child experiencing the ups and downs of friendships?  Is he or she getting into conflicts or arguments with his or her friends?  If so, here are some tips to share with your child:


    To avoid being a part of conflicts:

    • Don’t participate or encourage the spreading of gossip or rumors
    • Don’t instigate (start trouble) with peers.
    • Do have your child start to reflect upon his/her friendship choices.


    If your child is in the midst of a conflict, encourage him/her to do the following:

    • Take a breath and count to ten.
    • Watch his/her body language and tone of voice.
    • Think ahead and know the consequences of actions.
    • If possible, walk away from a situation.
    • Talk to someone privately to resolve issues - not in front of a group of friends.
    • Find a positive way to express yourself.


    If your child finds himself/herself struggling with peer relations and is unable to resolve the problems on his/her own, the counselors are available to talk!