Budget News

  • Information sharing and open communication will be key elements in the preparation of the forthcoming school year’s budget proposal.  In an effort to keep our school community informed, this webpage provides budget information relating to district goals, property taxes, budget guidelines, and much more.  

    Your input is important!  Click on “Cost Savings Suggestion Box” to submit cost savings ideas and/or suggestions.  Your feedback will be shared with the Board of Education and Administrative Team for consideration throughout the budget development process.

    The “Budget News” webpage will be populated with additional information as it becomes available, so be sure to visit the site periodically.

    With the continued implementation of a tax cap, the District will continue to face significant challenges. Difficult decisions will have to be made, and it is important that residents participate in the budget development process by sharing ideas, staying informed and, most importantly, pulling together!  Together, we can create a budget that will meet the needs of students and, at the same time, be acceptable to taxpayers.