6th Grade Art

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    6th Grade Art

               We have a very exciting semester ahead of us.  In class we will be learning about many interesting artists, art materials, technologies, and periods in history.


    Course Description

     Japanese Notan Design- Students will learn about the ancient Japanese art form of the Japanese Notan Design. The Notan design is the study of light & dark or negative & positive space combined with symmetrical and asymmetrical design. They will then design and create their own Notan designs.


    Ceramic Greek Vessels- Students will study Greek art and Greek culture as they explore Greek vessels. Students will learn about the term "symbol" and how artists use symbols in their art work. They will look at and study different symbols used to represent different Greek mythological characters and their known traits. They will create their own coil built thematic vessel design based on what they are known for, good at or what is special in their lives. Lastly, students will add color to their pieces with a unique metallic aged Greek inspired finish.


    Pop Art- Students will learn about Pop Art and several artists involved in the Pop Art movement. We will discuss popular culture and objects in our current culture that are important and influential in our lives. They will choose an object and create a painting influenced by this historical style as they focus on line, shape and color and repetition.


    Sneaker Logo Design- Students will discuss and view popular logos from throughout the world. We will discuss the reason for logos and how to create a powerful logo design. Students will then design some type of foot ware. They will create a name for their foot ware company, a logo and a foot ware image.


    Digital Nature- Students will research and find nature images on the computer.  They will have an introduction to PhotoShop Elements and then practice navigationg through the program. They will then digitally alter a nature images using PhotoShop Elements.




    Grading Procedures

    Every project created in class will be graded on a variety of criteria which include: effort, attitude, class participation, craftsmanship, and creativity. We all work at a different pace.  For this reason all projects are due 1 week after the last official work day in class.  Students may come to the art room during study halls or after school to finish their work, depending on availability.

                I will utilize a self evaluation process. Each student will fill out a reflective grading rubric after the completion of each project. This rubric includes a student scored section based on specific criteria required for the lesson and reflection questions about the work they completed. All artwork will go home at the end of the semester.


    Supplies: one folder and 12 pencils


    Availability: 937-9116 ext. 2142 (2:30-3:10)