7th Grade Art

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    7th Grade Art

                 We have a very exciting semester ahead of us.  In class we will be learning about many interesting artists, art materials, technologies, and periods in history.


    Course Description

    Keegan Toy Design- Students will be introduced to local female artist Candace Keegan. They will look at her work, themes and composition. We will then discuss her choice of adding text to her work. They will then be asked to pick a favorite childhood toy. They will recreate this toy as a painting and include text about that toy in the background of their piece.


    Sand painting – In class we will learn about the Navajo Culture, and create traditional Native American Sandpainting designs. We will make connections to the NYS Social Studies curriculum.



    3-Dimensional Painting- In class we will learn about refraction (the bending of light) while creating paintings in the style of Victor Vasarely and Op art.  Students will actually wear 3-D glasses while painting.  We will learn about color theory to create amazing 3-Dimension effects in our paintings.


    Bryce 3D- We will dive into the world of computer generated art, and animation while learning the software package Bryce 3D.  Students will create amazing surrealist landscapes on the computer, while learning about artists Salvador Dali, and Ed Bateman.


    Basket Weaving- In class we will learn about several different cultures and the baskets they produced and have produced throughout history. Each student will learn the art of basket weaving and then design and make their own baskets.



    Grading Procedures

    Every project created in class will be graded on a variety of criteria which include: effort, attitude, class participation, craftsmanship, and creativity. We all work at a different pace.  For this reason all projects are due 1 week after the last official work day in class.  Students may come to the art room during study hall to finish their work, depending upon availability.


      I will utilize a self evaluation process. Each student will fill out a reflective grading rubric after the completion of each project. This rubric includes a student scored section based on specific criteria required for the lesson and reflection questions about the work they completed. All artwork will go home at the end of the semester.


    Supplies: One folder and 12 pencils

    Availability: 937-9116 ext. 2142 (2:30-3:10)