8th Grade Art

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    8th Grade Art

         Throughout this semester we will be learning about different artists, art materials, technologies and periods in history.


    Course Description


    Vanity by Design- In class we will explore the fifty license plates of the United States and discuss what makes a "good design". Students will then create vanity plates which will reflect their personalities, interests, or heritage.

    Art Nouveau and Klimt- Students will learn about Art Nouveau artist Gustav Klimt. Students will create a design on gold scratchboard incorporating a photogrph of someone they admire (their personal hero). The use of line shape and pattern will be the focus of this lesson.

    Home Design- Students will learn about American artist and genius Frank Lloyd Wright, while creating their own architectural home design. We will watch a video about Wright and several of the houses in WNY.  

     Islamic Art- Students will create their own Mandala using digital technology, while learning about radial symmetry and Islamic Art. Students will learn about symbolism, and creating deeper meaning in their art.

    Food Sculpture- Students will learn about artist Claes Oldenberg, and his sculptural designs which were often of food. Students will then create a very textural clay sculpture of their favorite foods. We will then learn glazing techniques to complete the project.

                                                   Grading Prodedures

    Every project created in class will be graded on a variety of criteria which include: effort, attitude, class participation, craftsmanship, and creativity. We all work at a different pace.  For this reason all projects are due 1 week after the last official work day in class.  This means students may come after school during 10th period to finish their work.


    We will utilize a type of evaluation processes called Portfolio Assessment.  Portfolio Assessment allows the students to create a collective body of artwork which includes: final projects, sketches, self-assessments, and writings.  This allows the teacher to see student improvement over the course of the semester.  All artwork will go home at the end of the semester.


    Supplies: one folder and 12 pencils


    Availability: 937-9116 ext. 2142 (2:30-3:10)