Scheduling / Course Selections



    1.      You have the resources you need to meet with your counselor to develop your academic schedule for the upcoming year.  You will want to be sure that you select courses that:

    §  Meet major sequence and graduation requirements

    §  Meet your after high school goals i.e. a job, going to a trade or technical school, two or four year college, etc.


    2.      The scheduling process begins in November and will be completed in February.  During this time, you will be given an individual appointment with your counselor to review your four year plan, to develop a list of courses for the next school year, and to discuss your after high school plans and goals.  The course selection process should involve an honest assessment of a student's interests, future plans, past school performance, and results of standardized tests.


    3.      Once you have made your course selections and have the approval of your counselor, please take your Course Selection Sheet home and discuss it with your parents.  Your parents must approve and sign this form.  Return the signed sheet to the Guidance Office as soon as possible.  Your schedule is not official until this signed form is returned to the Guidance Office.


    4.      Requests to change your original course selections may be done while the scheduling process is taking place, but these requests are subject to available class space.  Last minute changes cannot always be honored.


    The 2022-2023 Course Description Book is available in the Guidance Office or by clicking HERE!