Conditional Release for Seniors


    Only Seniors may apply for an early release/late arrival schedule.  To do this a senior must carry a minimum six-credit course load plus Physical Education.  Seniors beyond the age of compulsory attendance may be released from their 1st or 4th block for educational merit or work release with parental permission.  No transportation by the district will be provided in the event of release.  The guidance department will provide the application form for release and confirm parental consent  (personally signed/witnessed by guidance office personnel or notarized).  Each request must be approved by the high school principal.


    Seniors on release must maintain an overall average of 80% or higher and have an average of at least 65% in every course.  If a student’s average falls below 65% for any one course or if he/she has an overall average less than 80% at the end of a marking period, he/she will be assigned to the academic learning center for the release block.  If the student meets the requirements at the end of the next marking period, the release block will be reinstated if approved by the high school principal.


    Students must leave the building and school property during the designated time unless special arrangements are made with a teacher for extra help.  A student who has been assigned detention must serve the detention on the assigned date.  Any student found in violation of the conditions set forth is subject to the loss of this privilege.