Military Information

  • Military Information

    NOVEMBER 5th





    During the course of the school year, various branches of the military visit the high school to talk with interested students.  These visitations are publicized on the AM announcements on the day of the visit.  If a student is interested in attending a particular session, they should get a pass from Guidance.  (See "Dates to Remember" for scheduled visits).

    Recruiter Contact Information:

    • Air Force: 
      Office: 585-475-5197
    • Army: 
      Jason Bukwalter
      Office/Cell 716-260-6157
    • Marines: 
      SGT James Ricthie
      Office: 585-345-1696
      Cell: 585-233-5622
    • Navy: 
      Nicholas Moody 
      Office: 716-433-1020
      Cell: 716-462-9608




    (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) - Although this test is only required for those seeking to enter a branch of the military, it is a test that most juniors in the past have elected to take. The vocational information it provides makes it extremely useful as a career search tool.  Score reports are sent directly to the test taker and the Guidance Office.  Scores are only provided to military officials with the consent of the test taker.


    No Child Left Behind

    Military notification of names/addresses for Juniors and Seniors

    The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires the school district to provide students' names, addresses and home phone numbers to military recruiters when requested, unless a military "opt-out" form has been signed by the parent and returned to the Guidance Office.  Additional forms are available in the Guidance Office.


    Selective Service

    All young men must register with the Selective Service System when they turn 18 years old.  This can be done on the Selective Service System's website ( or by filling out and mailing in a card which can be obtained at any U.S. Post Office.  Young men who do not register may not be eligible for federal loans or grants for college.