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    Helpful Websites to assist in your College Search:

     What Can I Do With A Major In….?

    **For each college major that attracts your interests you will find an outline of common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. (University at Buffalo site)


     O*NET OnLine

    **This site was developed for the US Department of Labor and allows you to find occupations by using keywords, skill sets and a variety of other methods.


    Jobstar Central

    **This site is packed with information about planning your career.  What kind of training or education is required?  What can you earn?  What kind of environment will you work in?


    **View your pick of over 350 career videos.  Each is a few minutes long, requires no software or special skills to be viewed, and provides the viewer with a snapshot of what it is like to work in any of the features professions.


    College Board Online

    **Sections for students, parents, and professionals.  Conduct college searches; learn about SAT preparation and more.


    State University of New York (SUNY)

    **Learn about SUNY campus offerings, conduct SUNY college searches, and view features expressly for school counselors.



    Links to Frequently Used Web Sites

  - Students can access the Common Application here, download forms and applications and apply online.

  - Students should click on this link, then go to "future students" then "apply now".

  - This is the link to apply for the ACT.





  - where colleges apply to you!

  is a free website where you can learn which colleges want you before you apply.  See how your accomplishments and interests match with colleges and kick start your college list.  Also discover merit scholarships from more than 1,700 colleges across the country.  Go to to start your profile and get your matches today!





     Here is the most updated and comprehensive information about the 21 WNY Colleges and Universities.