Transcript Requests

  • Transcript Request

    Transcript Request Instructions

    To request a transcript, please print and complete the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM.  You can submit it three ways:


    1. Fax to AHS Counseling Center 716-902-2033
    2. Mail to Alden High School, 13190 Park Street, Alden, NY 14004
    3. Email a picture of the completed form to:

    If you cannot print the form, please submit the following information:

    Name used when you attended Alden High School

    Name now (if different)

    Date of birth

    Year you graduated or last attended

    Contact phone number in case we have questions about your request

    Information on where you would like your transcript sent, including address

    Your signature (must be hand signed or your request will not be processed)

    Please Note:

    Transcripts must be requested in writing and cannot be requested by phone or via a simple email because we need your signature to release your transcript.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How long does it take to process my transcript?

    Our goal is to process transcripts within five business days of receipt of your request.  Please do not anticipate same day service as it is not always possible.

    Can my transcript be faxed?

    Official transcripts cannot be faxed, but if your college or employer will accept an unofficial transcript, we can send it by fax.  Please include the name of the person to whom the fax should be directed, the organization name, and the fax number.

    Can someone else request my transcript?

    Once you graduate, your transcript becomes your personal record.  No one, including parents or spouse, can pick up your transcript without your written permission or Power of Attorney.


    Final transcripts will automatically be sent to the college you indicated in the Senior Final Review. If your plans changed after that information was submitted, please contact the Counseling Center to update your information.

    Final transcripts are sent out within 7-10 days after the date of graduation. Most transcripts are sent electronically, but others will be sent via postal mail. 

    If you receive notification from your college that your transcript has not been received, contact the Counseling Center at 716-937-9116 x 4160.