English Period 1

  • Our 8th graders in Period 1 should be completing their poetry collections the week of March 23-27.


  • Red Writing Folder

    Grade 8

    1. Poetry Terms to Know

    2. Literary Terms to Know

    3. Stoplight Method (colored stoplight and "Mrs. Tryka's favorite color is blue" paragraph)with Sample Paragraph SL-Hamburger (outlined with stoplight colors)

    4.  Transitions List 

    5.  Mark Ups and Gists for Close Reading

    6.  RED evidence and explain sentence starters 

    7.  Most Common Misspelled words (white)

    8.  7.  C-E-E Responses (white)

    9. Powerful Starts and Stops (extended responses)

    10. Words to Use Instead of Said (dialogue usage) 

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