Extra Credit!

  • Welcome to the Extra Credit page! 

    Extra credit should not be used as a "last ditch effort" for doing poorly all quarter.  Your first priority as a student is to put effort and thought into all of your "original" assignments.  This extra credit is to be used as a way to further enrich your learning experience while earning some extra points to help boost grades that have not met your expectations. 

    • Print out a copy of the Extra Credit Task sheet located below.
    • Click on one of the links on this page to search for and find an interesting nonfiction article. 
    • Read the article and complete the task sheet by following the directions exactly.
    • You have the opportunity to earn up to 5 extra credit points per task sheet (the number of points you earn depends on the effort you put into the work, how thorough your work is, and the quality of work you hand in).
    • You may only do FOUR extra credit task sheets per quarter, and any extra credit points you earn will be added to the lowest grade in my gradebook on the day the extra credit is submitted
    • Extra Credit must be turned in for each quarter by the deadline dates listed in the chart below.  Any extra credit turned in past that date will count towards the next quarter (any past June 7th obviously will not ever count). 
    • If you have any questions- SEE ME!  Thank you!


    Deadline Dates


    October 25


    January 4


    March 22


    June 7

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