Red Folder

  • RED FOLDER:  You must have one red folder with POCKETS and CLIPS, clearly labeled with your first and last name, ELA period number and student number on the front!


    Your class RED FOLDER is an essential part of your growth as a reader and writer.  Throughout the year you will receive helpful sheets with strategies, tools, and reminders for writing.  The sheets will be clipped, in order, and occasional checks will be done that will count as grades.  Below you will find the sheets in the correct order.  Number your sheets, keep them in the clips, and refer to them throughout the year when writing, reading, and studying.


    RED FOLDER SHEETS as of 10/28/19 (label with PAGE #s in the upper right-hand corner of each page)  #1-12


    Red Folder Table of Contents

    1. Poetry Terms to Know
    2. Literary Terms to Know
    3. Close Reading Mark Ups & Gists
    4. SL Method
    5. SL-hamburger
    6. E & E Sentence Starters
    7. Transitions
    8. CEEs
    9. Three Pigs Plot Diagram
    10. Plot Diagram Labeled
    11. Powerful Starts and Stops
    12. Dialogue Rules
    13. Words to Use Instead of Said
    14. Correcting Run-ons


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