Current Events

  • Current Event/Food and Nutrition

    Mrs. Zelasko

    Overview:  Students need to be aware of the events that are happening in their world.  The best way to accomplish this is by reading the newspaper and becoming informed.



    1.  Students will become familiar with the newspaper.

    2.  Students will become aware of the events happening in their city, state, nation and world.

    3.  Students will learn to summarize.

    4.  Students will learn about different foods and the importance of making good nutritional food choices.

    1.  Title of article:___________________________________________________________

    2.  Title of newspaper: _______________________________________________________

    3.  Author or article:_________________________________________________________

    4.  Date of article: _________________________________________________________

    5.  Write a brief summary of the article.  The article cannot be older than six months.  This should be written in paragraph format.  Explain how this article relates to Family and Consumer Science.  STAPLE YOUR ARTICLE TO THIS PAGE.