Indoor Soccer

  • Soccer Review Sheet


    -         Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide.

    -         It is estimated that 22 million people participate in the sport worldwide.

    -         It is fairly inexpensive, easy to learn and uses limited resources.

    -         The sport is known as "Football" (futbol)  internationally.

    -         The country of England is designated as the origin for the “modern” sport of soccer because  in 1863 the London Football Association issued the first set of rules that brought unity to the sport.



    -         Stop the forward motion of the soccer ball and see your target.

    -         Step and plant your NON-Kicking foot even with or slightly behind the level of the ball, pointing toward the target.

    -          "Lock Ankle", open the hip and strike ball with the INSIDE of the foot.

    -         Follow through with kicking leg towards target.



    -         Touch ball with inside or outside of your Toes.

    -         Keep the ball close (for control) and to make it more difficult for defenders to steal.

    -         Keep your head up (know your surroundings).



    Other Skills/Drills

    -         Trapping (stopping the forward motion of the ball to gain control), top it or use instep.

    -         "Toe Touches" - topping ball rapidly alternating feet (warm-up drill - foot eye coordination).

    -         "Foundations" - using instep quick touches back and forth between legs (warm-up drill - foot eye coordination).

    -         "Pull-Backs" a move where you are dribbling and you top the ball drawing it back to change directions.

    -         "Chop-Turn" a move where you are dribbling and you place foot in front of the ball, using instep with a chopping motion change directions.