Kin Ball

  • Kin-Ball Rubric

    5.  Students consistently apply effective offensive skills (e.g. proper tri-pod formation, proper two-handed serve, transition quickly into defensive position) with few, if any, observable errors in technique.  Students can consistently and effectively apply defensive skills (e.g. moving in space/proper court coverage, proper hitting/striking technique, transition quickly into offensive formation).  Students always apply all game and safety rules during class and game play.  Students demonstrate appropriate behavior such as teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperation while participating energetically & safely with self control.

    4.  Students apply effective skills with errors in technique.  Students are inconsistent in defending and/or using offensive skills during game play.  Students seem hesitant or indecisive when reacting to game situations.  Students apply major rules and terminology but make minor errors and/or seek confirmation from others.  Students participate energetically and safely demonstrating self-control, and fair play.

    3.  Students perform skills showing some elements of correct technique, but application is ineffective and inconsistent.  Students demonstrate some offensive and defensive skills appropriately, but show little evidence of effective contribution to team offense or defense. Students need reminders and assistance from others to become involved in team strategy.

    2.  Students attempt skills but technique is not yet sufficient, resulting in ineffective performance in both offense and defense. Students need reminders and assistance from others to become involved in team strategy.  Students movements are inconsistent with basic game strategy, demonstrate incorrect application of rules, conventions of play, terminology and scoring.  Students are inconsistent with energy.

    1.  Students show little or no effort to attempt skills, resulting in consistently ineffective performance.  Students do not contribute to offense or defense. Students lack self-control and need reminders to participate in a safe, fair and energetic and/or respectful manner.