Classroom News


    We look forward to your daily participation in Physical Education class.  We stress two major behavioral and character issues in class.  These issues are Respect and Responsibility. 

     All members of class need to show respect to their teachers, peers, school and equipment.  They need to follow locker room protocol and follow directions. 

     All members of class are also expected to be responsible.  They need to come to class with gym clothes and a positive attitude.  They need to be prepared to show strong effort in activities and try their best.

     Students have class every other day.  Proper gym attire includes a change of clothes (shorts and shirt), socks and sneakers.  If a student is not prepared for class, they may borrow appropriate attire to participate. They will receive partial credit.  If a student does not participate in class, they will need to make- up the class in the Fitness Center during tenth period, within ten school days to avoid a zero for the day.  All ABSENCES need to be made up in the Fitness Center during tenth period within ten school days of the students return.  Medical excuses, from a physician's office, will be honored through work packets.  These packets will be part of the student's grade.  Students are still responsible for the end of unit assessment. 

      Also included in this section are Study Guides and/ or information pertaining to the unit we are studying.  These could be a valuable resource.