cirriculum - What are we learning this year?


    8th grade Spanish is cumulative.  This means you are responsible for the materials from 7th and 8th grade.  A quick guide to the topics for each year is provided below.

    7th Grade:

    1:  the basics: colors, numbers, time, calendar, shapes, introductions and simple conversations.

    2:  personal descriptions: personal adjectives, likes and dislikes, ages and birthdays.

    3:  weather and free time activities:  weather expressions, seasons, free time activities, sports and activities, teh verbs jugar, querer and regular -ar verbs.

    4:  school:  school supplies, school activities, places and people at school, tener expressions, -er and -ir verbs, review time expressions with class schedules.

    5: house and home:  family members, rooms and furniture in the house, estar, chores and negations.


    8th Grade:

    Begins with a review of the 7th grade material and then we build and expand with:

    6:  food and meals: food, drink, place settings and meals, direct object pronouns (dops), restaurants, ser vs. estar, giving instructions with commands. 

    7: health and welfare: body parts, daily routine, aches and pains, healthy practices, illness, and reflexive verbs.

    8: shopping: review numbers, clothing, stores, pricing, currency, costar, comparisons, past tense of the verb ir and -ar verbs. 

    9:  celebrations:  holidays, parties, celebrations, letters and invitations, party activities and food, past tense of -er and -ir verbs, direct object pronouns (dops).

    10:  traveling: airport, travel, money exchange, customs, transportation, sightseeing, review of preterite, review of dops, review of ser vs. estar.


    FINAL EXAM REVIEW OF ALL MATERIAL!                     


    8th grade Final Exam:  20% of your final grade: covers all of the material from 7th and 8th grade. 

    Both 7th and 8th grade exams include a speaking task, writing tasks, listening, vocabulary, grammar.


    When you successfully complete the course, you will enter High School with 1 credit in foreign language.