Steps to Hearing Health


    How can we protect our hearing so that we will always enjoy our favorite sounds?
    If we have healthy ears now, we can do things to prevent hearing loss later.

    • Avoid very loud and dangerous noise. Even loud music may permanently harm your hearing.
    • Wear hearing protectors, special ear inserts, or ear muffs around noisy equipment.
    • Work in your community to keep it quiet. City and county governments often have committees to make suggestions about reducing loud noise. Let elected officials know that you are concerned about protecting ears and hearing.
    • Eat nourishing foods. Ears are nourished by the body's blood supply. Fatty foods can change the blood supply to the ears. In some countries where people eat a vegetarian diet, the people were found to have normal hearing even when they were quite old. This is not true in our country. Researchers believe this may be due to our "junk food" eating habits and noisy surroundings.