Gift Ideas

  • Many of you have asked us for some suggestions for gifts for your children.  Many games address several skill areas and may therefore overlap.  We have tried to give you a few examples in each skill area.  Please keep in mind your child's age level, ability, and attention span when considering these toys.  Happy shopping!

    To improve bilateral coordination (both sides of the body):

    • Sit-spin
    • Twister
    • Etch-a-sketch

    To improve ability to cross midline (reach over center of body):

    • Large puzzles
    • Connect Four
    • Lite Brite

    To improve eye-hand coordination:

    • Interlocking blocks (Legos, Duplex)
    • Lacing cards
    • Sewing kits, projects (Bead Buddies are great!)

    To improve grasp and manipulation:

    • Board games with spinners, dice, small pieces (Don't Spill the Beans, Cootie, Kerplunk, Battleship)
    • Lite Brite
    • Jacks

    To improve fine motor control for writing:

    • Fun Pads
    • Stencil art
    • Paint/Color by Number

    To improve visual perceptual skills:

    • Puzzles
    • Dominoes
    • Simon
    • Legos

    To improve handwriting skills (other than using paper and pencils):

    • Wiggle pen
    • Magna or Aqua Doodle
    • Chalk and chalkboard
    • Dry erase board with markers
    • Easels are great too!