Helpful Hints for Cursive Writing

  • We currently use the handwriting program called Loops and Other Groups created by Mary Benbow, OTR.  Letters are taught in groups using similar movement patterns.  Ask your child's teacher or occupational therapist for a copy of the program so that you can see how the letters are formed.

    • Practice the letters in groups of similarity, for example:  

            a, d, c, g, q             i, u, w, t, p, j, o, r, s 

            h, k, l, e, f, b         m, n, v, y, x, z  

    • Master one group before progressing to the next. 
    • As each letter is learned, continue practicing the "old" letters.  Build strings of letters and words. 
    • Practice cursive for 15 minutes a day.  Daily practice is imperative to properly learning cursive writing. 
    • Try having your child close his/her eyes when practicing a letter.  If he/she can successfully form the letter, the letter has become automatic.  Automatic letter formation is imperative to developing speed when writing.