Playing and Writing

  • Playing and Writing

    Encourage your child to make writing a part of play time.  Here are a few ideas below:

    • Doctor’s office: appointment cards, patient charts, prescriptions
    • Restaurant: menus, sign for specials, bills
    • House: phone messages, calendars, stationery
    • Grocery store: lists, signs, price tags
    • Post office: stamps, labels on packages, letters, postcards, envelopes
    • Library: overdue notices
    • Animal hospital: prescriptions, appointment cards                                            
    • Dry cleaners: receipts, signs                                             
    • Pizza parlor: menus, signs, phone messages, receipts
    • Bakery: signs, receipts, order forms, price tags
    • Candy shop: signs, receipt, order forms
    • Beauty shop: calendar, appointment cards, appointment book, signs
    • Airport/bus station or train station: luggage tags, departure and arrival schedules, travel diaries, postcards, maps, tickets
    • Auto repair shop: list of repairs, signs, bills
    • Book store: bookmarks, signs, receipts
    • Bank: withdrawal slips, deposit slips, bank books, checks, check book ledger, signs, receipts
    • Ice cream stand: open/closed sign, menus, special signs, receipts

    Created by: Patty George, 2007