Chapter 16 Time and Temperature

  • Chapter 16

    Chapter Objective:

    * Time can be used to tell when activities start and end, or how long an activity will last. Temperature can be used to understand what the weather will be like.


    hour (h) - An hour is a unit of measurement of time. 1 hour = 60 minutes.

    past - This means the time after an hour. Ex: 9:20A.M. means there are 20 minutes past 9A.M.

    minute (min) - A minute is a unit of measurement of time. One of the 60 parts an hour is divided into. 60 minutes = 1 hour.

    to - This means the time before the hour. Ex: 9:40 A.M. means there are 20 minutes before 10A.M.

    elapsed time - Elapsed time is the amount of time that has passed between the start and end of an activity. 

    timeline - A timeline is a visual representation to help you find elapsed time. 

    temperature - Temperature measures how hot or cold something is. 

    thermometer - A thermometer is a tool used to measure temperature.

    degrees - Degrees are a unit of measure used to measure temperature.

    Fahrenheit (°F) - Fahrenheit is a scale for measuring temperature.

    cold - Cold is a word (or referent) used to recognize or measure temperature.