Chapter 17 Angles and Lines

  • Chapter 17

    Chapter Objective:

    * Angles and lines can be found all around us. These can be described with special names.


    point - An exact location in space.

    line - A line is a straight path. It goes on without end, in both directions.

    endpoint - The endpoint is the end of the line segment.

    line segment - A line segment is a part of a line. It has two endpoints.

    angle - When two line segments share the same endpoint, they form an angle. Angles can be acute (less that 90°), or obtuse (greater than 90°), or right angles (exactly 90°), or straight angles (exactly 180°), to name a few.

    right angle - A right angle measures 90 degrees (90°) exactly. It looks like the letter "L".

    greater than - When a value is greater than, it means having a larger value; more. The symbol for greater than is ›.

    less than - When a value is less than, it means having a smaller value. The symbol for less than is <.