Chapter 4 Tables and Line Graphs

  • Chapter 4

    Chapter Objective:

    * Graphs and tables are visual tools for showing and analyzing data.


    Data - data is information, usually in the form of numbers, that can be represented in graphs, tally charts, line plots and stem-and-leaf plots.

    Table - A table organizes and presents data in rows and columns.

    Tally chart - A chart that organizes data in groups of five.

    Row - A row is a horizontal line of data in a table.

    Column - A column is a vertical line of data in a table.

    Intersection - The intersection is the area of a table where a row and a column meet.

    Line graph - A graph that shows how data changes over time.

    Horizontal axis - The horizontal axis on a graph runs straight across from left to right.

    Vertical axis - The vertical axis on a graph runs straight up and down.