'On A Roll'

  • 2019 - 2020 Quarter 4

    Alden High School is proud to present our “On A Roll” list. 

    This list will be published every marking period along with the Honor and Merit Roll lists. 

    “On a Roll” students are being recognized by their teachers for exhibiting OUTSTANDING EFFORT and ATTITUDE regardless of grades or scores.



    Bauer, Cassidy 9 Creative Thinking, Freshmen Seminar, Math, Social Studies
    Brody, Mason 9 Creative Thinking, Freshmen Seminar, Foreign Language
    Coia, Alexis 9 Freshmen Seminar
    Cole, Matt 9 Freshmen Seminar, Foreign Language
    Cole, Meghan 9 Creative Thinking, Freshmen Seminar
    Czechowski, Izzy 9 Freshmen Seminar
    Daddario, Sophia 9 Science
    Dick, Jarrett 9 Freshmen Seminar, Foreign Language
    Dudley, Robbie 9 Math
    Erhardt, Madeline 9 Foreign Language
    Fazio, Nicolena 9 Social Studies, Science
    Fitzgibbon, Corin 9 Foreign Language
    Gustavel, Kyla 9 Freshmen Seminar
    Harris, Gillian 9 Math
    Horst, Allison 9 Freshmen Seminar, Foreign Language
    Hyna, Savannah 9 Freshmen Seminar, Foreign Language
    Koepf, Ryan 9 Foreign Language, Social Studies
    Kropidlowski, Hayden 9 Creative Thinking, Freshmen Seminar, Foreign Language
    Krull, Erica 9 Freshmen Seminar
    Kwandrans, Victoria 9 Freshmen Seminar
    Lavarnway, Eva 9 Foreign Language
    Lorenc, Taylor 9 Freshmen Seminar
    Lotz, Andrew 9 Math
    McAuley, Alexandria 9 Foreign Language
    Minnolera, Brandi 9 Foreign Language
    Mollenkopf-Grill, Jon 9 Math
    Mordacz, Meg 9 Creative Thinking, Foreign Language
    Phillips, Emily 9 Freshmen Seminar
    Purpura, Anna 9 Foreign Language
    Riedel, Adam 9 Foreign Language
    Robertson, Emily 9 Social Studies, Foreign Language
    Santacesaria, Emily 9 Freshmen Seminar, Foreign Language
    Schmidt, Matilynn 9 Foreign Language
    Shadle, Kendall 9 Social Studies, Foreign Language
    Shisler, Amanda 9 Math
    Strasser, Jordan 9 Foreign Language
    Streit, Riley 9 Foreign Language, Science
    Sugg, Matthew 9 Creative Thinking
    Syracuse, Jack 9 Science
    TenBroeck, Jonathan 9 Foreign Language
    Turton, Sophie 9 Foreign Language, Leadership
    Wasch, Leo 9 Foreign Language
    Weber, Kathryn 9 Foreign Language, Science
    Weglarski, John 9 Science
    Weglarski, Kayla 9 Science
    Witmer, Sienna 9 Foreign Language, Science
    Wozniak, Nicole 9 Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies
    Yoerg, Ben 9 Freshmen Seminar, English, Foreign Language
    Young, Tori 9 Freshmen Seminar, Foreign Language, Creative Thinking
    Zaleski, McKenna 9 Leadership, Science, Social Studies
    Amhrein, Luke 10 Math
    Czelusta, Gretchen 10 Creative Thinking
    Dudley, Harley 10 English  
    Dusza, Evan 10 Foreign Language
    Eicheldinger, Ashley 10 Math, Health
    Foss, Cheyenne 10 Social Studies
    Gaffney, Kailey 10 Foreign Language
    Glennon, Jaymasyn 10 Math
    Hart, Aiden 10 Social Studies
    Hartz, Tyler 10 Social Studies
    Hillman, Lexie 10 Foreign Language
    Jett, Logan 10 Science
    Kelly, Amelia 10 Foreign Language
    Kersten, Jenna 10 Foreign Language, Science
    Lauer, McKenzie 10 Foreign Language
    Leigh, Kevin 10 Social Studies
    MacDonald, Kaitlyn 10 Math
    Monin, Eric 10 Social Studies, Science
    Pruetz, Andrew 10 Science
    Rivera, Isabel 10 Foreign Language
    Robertson, Madysen 10 Science
    Rung, Cody 10 Social Studies, Health
    Sheehan, Grace 10 Foreign Language
    Skimmer, Sidney 10 Social Studies, Creative Thinking, Foreign Language
    Stachura, Kara 10 Social Studies
    Stachura, Riley 10 Foreign Language
    Stanley, Rebecca 10 Social Studies
    Turnbull, Nathan 10 Leadership, Science
    Uhrich, Abigail 10 Foreign Language
    Wasch, Kailey 10 Foreign Language, Health
    Wils, Becca 10 English  
    Wilson, Kristina 10 Foreign Language, Social Studies
    Zanghi, Megan 10 Foreign Language, Creative Thinking
    Andrzejewski, Kaleigh 11 Science
    Attardo, Alyssa 11 Foreign Language
    Barczykowski, Tyler 11 Foreign Language, Business
    Bartsch, Emersen 11 Math
    Bolles, Carter 11 Foreign Language
    Boucher, Brianna 11 Foreign Language
    Erhardt, Ethan 11 Business
    Filipski, Nathan 11 Math
    Fronczak, Maya 11 Foreign Language
    Grover, Hayden 11 Science
    Lerner, Haley 11 Math
    Marzec, Veronika 11 Science
    Mollenkopf-Grill, Laura 11 Foreign Language, Business
    Noel, Tyler 11 Foreign Language, Math
    Osteen-Hughes, Ariel 11 Social Studies
    Panek, Allison 11 Math, Science
    Piechocki, Rose Mary 11 Science
    Posluszny, Tristan 11 Foreign Language
    Pritchard, Amanda 11 Math
    Ritchie, Tim 11 Health
    Roof, Elizabeth 11 Foreign Language
    Streit, Connor 11 Foreign Language
    Szymanski, Melissa 11 Science
    Ulrich, Megan 11 Foreign Language
    Wrest, Caroline 11 Science
    Yambor, Joslyn 11 Foreign Language
    Young, Alexandra 11 Social Studies
    Cometto, Angelina 12 Social Studies, Foreign Language
    Corriere, Alixander 12 Social Studies
    Corriere, Angelo  12 English  
    Dudley, Amber  12 English  
    Eichensehr, Ava 12 Foreign Language
    Grassl, Alexis 12 Social Studies
    Gurbacki, Julia 12 Science
    Hillman, Samantha 12 Social Studies, Foreign Language
    Hoerner, Jaime 12 Foreign Language
    Jennings, Natalie 12 Social Studies
    Jones, Eric 12 Social Studies
    Keller, Rob 12 English  
    Lathrop, Jon 12 Math
    Lin, Diane 12 Social Studies
    Marek, Nicole 12 Foreign Language
    Marino, Jennifer 12 Social Studies, Foreign Language
    Martin, Emma 12 Foreign Language
    Matthewson, Erin 12 Foreign Language
    Messing, Samantha 12 Social Studies, Foreign Language
    Muhlenbeck, Keith 12 Social Studies
    Okoniewski, Samantha 12 Social Studies
    Petschke, Allison 12 Foreign Language, Business
    Pruetz, Abigail 12 Social Studies
    Riccione, Izabella 12 Foreign Language
    Rogers, Hannah  12 English  
    Rozbicki, Alex 12 Creative Thinking
    Sheehan, Jason 12 Social Studies
    Sigurdson, Alyssa 12 Foreign Language
    Slojkowski, Alexander 12 Foreign Language
    Tyburski, Haley 12 Foreign Language, Leadership
    Tyburski, Taylor 12 Foreign Language
    Ward, Alex 12 Math
    Weisbeck, Sarah  12 English  
    Wild, Samantha 12 Foreign Language
    Zosh, Alexandria 12 Math