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    Parents/guardians and minors must complete the appropriate application form and submit it to Mrs. Fox in the High School main office or at Click here for fillable PDF versions of the AT-17 Application for Employment Certificate (14 years and older) and AT-22 Application for Employment Permit (13 years and under for newspaper carrier, etc.). You may need to download the newest version of Adobe Acrobat. Here is a link to download it

    After these forms are filled out and signed, the student must bring them back to the High School main office. **Please note that the minor's physical must be current in our system. If it is not within the last 12 months, please send a copy back with the application or have a physian fill out an AT-16 Physical Fitness Certification form (see below)** 

    Once all of the documentation has been verified, Mrs. Fox will issue the working paper card. The minor will need to sign the card in front of school personnel. During the summer, please call for an appointment (716-937-9116 x4000) before bringing in your application.


    The Application for Employment Certificate (AT-17) (most commonly used) and the Application for Employment Permit (AT-22) can be picked up by the student in the High School and Middle School Main Offices or printed from this webpage.  During the summer, please call for an appointment (716-937-9116 x4000) before bringing in your application.

      -          Forms AT-17 and AT-22 – Fill out Part I only  

         The parent or guardian must appear at the school or issuing center to sign the application for full-time employment, unless the minor is a graduate of a four-year high school and presents evidence thereof.  For all other certificates, the parent or guardian must sign the application, but need not appear in person to do so.

    -    The Physical Fitness Certification, Form AT-16, must be filled out by either the student’s physician, or the school nurse indicating that the student has had a physical exam within the last 12 months. AT-16 Physical Fitness Certification

    -    Student must return both forms to the High School Main Office for the issuance of the “employment certificate”, more commonly known as “working paper”.  The student must sign the employment certificate in the presence of school personnel. 

    -       If your child is not a student at Alden Central School, but is a resident of Alden, you may still obtain the employment certificate (working paper).  However, in addition to the above mentioned forms, you must provide evidence of the student’s age (birth certificate, driver’s license).

          Please refer to the General Information sheet for further information.

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