Kindergarten Information


    Kindergarten Reading





    Throughout the year, the kindergarten students will be working to develop a variety of skills.  These are the building blocks which young learners will use to become independent readers. These skills include:


    Phonemic Awareness- rhyming, segmentation, blending, sound manipulation


    Alphabetic Principle- recognition of all letters, both upper case and lower case


    Phonics - matching sounds to letter representation


    Encoding - using knowledge of letters/ sounds to write/ spell


    Sight words - recall of the most frequently used words in children's reading materials.  Automatic recognition will help to develop fluency.


    Comprehension- students will work to develop listening comprehension skills.   

      Look at the cover ... make a prediction about the story.

       Who are the characters?

       What is the setting?

       What is the main idea? ( Mostly about)

       What is the main idea?