Kindergarten Information


    Kindergarten Reading

    Spring 2020

    -At this point in the year most students know most of the letters and sounds. 

    You can make up 3 letter words for your child to read or spell  (cat, dig)

    You can also make up silly nonsense words (pag, tob)

    Have your child review their sight words and make up sentences using these.


    Throughout the year, the kindergarten students will be working to develop a variety of skills.  These are the building blocks which young learners will use to become independent readers. These skills include:


    Phonemic Awareness- rhyming, segmentation, blending, sound manipulation


    Alphabetic Principle- recognition of all letters, both upper case and lower case


    Phonics - matching sounds to letter representation


    Encoding - using knowledge of letters/ sounds to write/ spell


    Sight words - recall of the most frequently used words in children's reading materials.  Automatic recognition will help to develop fluency.


    Comprehension- students will work to develop listening comprehension skills.   

      Look at the cover ... make a prediction about the story.

       Who are the characters?

       What is the setting?

       What is the main idea? ( Mostly about)

       What is the main idea?