First Grade Information

  •    First Grade

    Spring 2020 

    Our AIS students are working on a variety of skills.

    Some are working on decoding words with the cvc pattern ( consonant-vowel- consonant)

    Many have been introduced to digraphs ( th,sh,ch,ph,wh) and long vowel patterns

    (Remember long vowels say the same sound as the letter name).


     The focus of first grade reading is to help students further expand using the basic skills acquired in kindergarten.

         The beginning of the year focuses on the use of short vowel sounds. Recognizing and using these sounds will be reflected in their reading sight words and spelling words lists.

         As the year progresses, the students will learn to about consonant blends and digraphs. After that the students will learn to  distinguish and use the long vowel sounds.  They will experience the various ways these sounds can be spelled.

         Students will work to develop their understanding or comprehension of materials that are read to them and also that they read themselves. These skills include main idea, prediction, sequencing, and cause and effect.

          Throughout the year, the students will be developing their oral and silent reading fluency. The students will begin the year having text read to them, and then they will transition to reading independently.  Rereading any books that they have already read provides great fluency practice.