Sight Word Activities - Sight Word Review Activities


    Ideas to Practice Sight Words  

    Try some of these active ways to practice sight words !

    Uh-Oh Game: Write sight words on a slip of paper, fold and put into a bag, bowl or cup.  Write "Uh-Oh" on 5 slips of paper, fold and add the the sight words.  Take turns picking a slip of paper, read the word.  IF you get "Uh-Oh" you must put all of the words back. Mix up the words and play again. Set a goal of 5 or 10 words to win a round !


    Rainbow Writing: Neatly print sight words on a piece of paper. Using crayons, marker or colored pencils trace of the words. Say the name of each letter as you trace each word.


    Word Hunt: Write the words on index cards and hide them in the room.  Look for the hidden words.  In order to keep the word, the player must read the word correctly.  For extra fun do this in a dim room and use a flashlight!


    Word Toss:  Write the words on paper and tape them to the wall or place them on the floor.  Using a rolled up sock or small beanbag, try to hit a sight word.  Read the word that is hit out loud.


    ABC order:  Place the words in ABC order and read the words out loud, or organize the words from the fewest number of letters to the most numer of letters.


    Ball Toss:  Tape the sight words onto a beach ball.  Throw the beach ball back and forth.  Every time a player’s thumb touches a word that word has to be read out loud.


    Rhyming:  Spread the sight words on a table.  Say a word that rhymes with a sight word.  Identify the sight word that rhymes with the spoken word.


    Memory: Write each word on two different cards. Place the cards face down.  Take turns picking two cards.  The cards must be read aloud.  If they match, the player keeps them.  The player with the most matches wins.


    Go Fish:  This requires using two sets of word cards.  Pass out the cards to each player, saving several to place in the middle.   A player then asks one other player if he or she is holding a card that is needed to make a match.  “Do you have the word, dog?” Only one player is asked during each turn.  If that person has a match, they must give their card.  The matched cards are then put to the side.  If there is no match, the player that needed the match must “Go Fish”, taking from the pile in the middle.The goal is to have the most matches and/or to get rid of all of your cards.