Library Policies

  • Library Policies

    updated April 2015

    Coming to the library...


    From a Class

    1. Always report to class first and get a pass from your classroom teacher.

    2. Always sign-in on white when entering the library from a class, unless accompanied by your teacher as a class.  





    From Study Hall

    1. Always report to study hall first.

    2. Sign up on the Gold group pass.

    3. The study hall teacher will dismiss you to the library once attendance is taken.

    4. Always come directly to the library from study hall! 

    5. Always sign in on white when entering the library from study hall.


    Hall Passes

     *You must always sign-out at the circulation desk on the green sheet when needing to go to the lavatory, your locker, the office, another teacher, etc.!   You must sign-in when you get back and indicate time returned.  There is a 5-minute time limit on hall passes. 



    •Books can be checked-out for 3 weeks.

    •Any time you need to renew a book, just inform Mrs. Sobol– you do not need to have the book in hand.

    •Fines will be administered at the end of the year for all lost/damaged books.


    Interlibrary Loan / Buffalo & Erie County Public Libraries

    •If you need a resource/book that we do not have in our library, we may be able to get it for you from another school through Inter library Loan, so please always ask! 


    •You may also be able to obtain a book/resource from the Alden (Ewell Free) Public Library - check their online catalog at  You may request a book  be transferred to the Alden (Ewell Free) Public Library at any time, from any library in the Erie County system - they will simply need your library card number! There is a .25cent charge to your public library account for any transferred book;  Book transfers usually take 5 business days.