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  • Art Portfolios

    This year, we are going back to using portfolios for our artwork.  Every project the students make throughout the year will be kept in their personal art portfolio, which will then be sent home at the end of the school year.  I am going to back to this system for 3 big reasons.

    1. We can go through the portfolios throughout the year to see all the wonderful work your child has done throughout the year as well as to see their growth as an artist.

    2. We can easily look through your child's portfolio to pick one of their best works for any art shows we will be participating in.

    3. Instead of sending work home throughout the year in which it may be lost along the way or get ruined in a backpack, we will be sending it home in the portfolio at the end of the year like one, big, giant present for the students' families to enjoy.  Hopefully this is a safer way to get the artworks home as neatly as possible.

    Art Smocks


    Please make sure your child has an art smock for art class.  While we try our best to be as careful as possible, these are enthusiastic artists with lots of paint around them:-)

    Any oversized, old T-shirt (with school appropriate pictures/messages) will do.  Please write your child's name clearly on the front.  Thank you!

    Here's a link to my parent information handout.

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