Art Curriculum


    Every child is an artist and this program is designed to bring out the creative, unique, and expressive spirit in each child.  It is my goal that every child experiences success in the art classroom, therefore, I include experiences in a wide variety of art mediums and techniques so that the students may discover their artistic strengths and affinities.  Throughout the year, we will focus on not only product orientated art (art that looks good when finished) but also process orientated art, in which the discovery, experience, and hands-on learning is the focal point (no matter what the end product looks like).

    At the Alden Central Elementary Schools, we have created a sequence of artists on which our curriculum and projects are based.  These artists and cultures were critically chosen in order to teach the most comprehensive art program, in alignment with the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts, that time would allow.  We have chosen artists and cultures that spans the ages, covers the globe, hits on a wide variety of art media (from painting to architecture to film), includes all three art styles: realistic, abstract, non-objective, and includes various genders, living and dead.  In each unit of study, a specific element of art (line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space) is highlighted for learning.

    The Alden Elementary Art Curriculum is always being reviewed and updated to ensure that our students are receiving the best possible art education.


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