Classroom Management

  • Dear Parents/Guardians:

    I am looking forward to a great artistic year with your child! The art room is a place for discovery, exploration, creative processes, imagination, learning, and fun.  It is the starting point for self-expression and artistic freedom.  To nurture and support this atmosphere and to keep this an emotionally and physically safe environment, I have decided to implement a comprehensive classroom management plan. We will be follow the Best Bulldog Behavior expectations which are: "Be Caring," "Be Respectful," "Make Good Choices," "Try Your Best," and "Give 5." These are my expectations for all of my students.  My classroom is structured for success! Your child will be fully aware of my expectations.  Each rule and procedure will be taught, demonstrated, and modeled to all students.  I appreciate your cooperation and support in implementing this classroom management plan.  Included here is a list of my goals, expectations, and a list of consequences for making poor behavioral choices, which includes parental involvement if necessary.  If you would like any additional information on my classroom management plan, I welcome the opportunity to speak further with you.  I would like to thank you in advance for making your child's art class a success!


    Management Plan:

    I believe not only that all students can learn, but that all students can learn to do their best.  I also believe that my room is a place where art skills and life skills are brought together to create a complete, caring , supportive, and thinking student.  I expect only the best efforts from my students and in return, I shall give them my best efforts everyday.  In support of this great endeavor, I have created a comprehensive classroom management plan to ensure a positive, warm, structured and supportive atmosphere.  All students will know from their very first time in my classroom what is expected from them and what they can always expect from me.

    My Goals: To create a nurturing and respectful learning environment. 

                    To have all students realize their full potential as an artist and as a person.

                    To provide an environment where students are physically safe.

    Great Studio Behavior and Expectations and Best Bulldog Behavior:

                     Be Caring

                     Be Respectful

                     Make Good Choices

                     Try Your Best

                     Give 5 (Whole Body Listening)

    Consequences are meant to:

    Change the behavior of the students.  Maintain the trust, respect and caring of the students. Maintain the health, safety, and welfare of the students.  Make the students responsible for their own behavior.

    The following consequences apply to all Great Studio Behaviors and Expectations:

    1. Nonverbal Clue
    2. Reminder (Strike 1)
    3. Warning (Strike 2)
    4. Second Warning (Strike 3)
    5. Reflection time alone with teacher talk
    6. Involvement of the classroom teacher
    7. Involvement of the parents
    8. Involvement of the principal

    *The teacher reserves the right to go directly to a higher consequence if the violation is serious enough by the teacher's judgement.


    1. Words of praise
    2. A good feeling inside
    3. A positive and enjoyable learning environment