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    For the 2022-2023 school year, please use the list below for school supplies.  

    Supplies for English 10 and 10 Honors

    • pens – blue/black ink only (work will not be accepted in pencil or colored pens; unless stated otherwise by the teacher)
    • 3 or 5 subject notebook with plastic cover and pockets – computer paper MUST fit inside the pockets.  Get a notebook that is 11x9! The Stellar notebooks from Office Max work well. (Please make sure the pockets can fit multiple sheets of paper as some notebooks look big enough, but they are not.)
    • hi-liters (at least three different colors)
    • two glue sticks and a roll of tape for personal use in your IN
    • Colored pencils or markers
    • Post-it Notes 3x3 or larger (no writing on them)
    • Headphones that fit or can hook up to your Surface Pro (You will need the headphones EVERYDAY for class.)

    Also, please download the Schoology app to your phone if you have not already done so - this is a great resource and an easy way for students to access work for class. 








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