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    For the 2020-2021 school year, please use the list below for school supplies.  I've included a screen cast video that goes over the necessary supplies for class, please feel free to watch! It's located under the red reminder about Schoology. :) 

    For each class I teach (English 9, 10, 10H, and English 11) make sure you have the following general supplies:

    • Blue and Black Ink pens (no pencil is used in class)
    • 3-5 different colored pens and/or highlighters
    • A PLASTIC folder with pockets AND prongs and about 50 sheets of notebook paper in the prongs OR A one subject notebook with a pocket folder (the 8 1/2 by 11 from Office Max work great! ~ see video)
    • HEADPHONES that fit your Surface Pro.  These can be wireless or hit up the Dollar Store for a few pairs.
    • 3x3 Post It Notes with no writing
    • markers and/or colored pencils
    • gmail account you can access (know your user name and password) 

    Also, please download the Schoology app - this is a great resource and an easy way for students to communicate with me for quick questions.  I highly recommend using the Schoology App, as class announcements and reminders are posted there on a regular basis!


     School Supply Video


    Any student who wishes to contact Mrs. MC over the summer may do so by email. Use the address above to contact me.  Please note that I will not check my email on a daily basis.  Therefore, you must be patient.





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