Spanish 3

Bienvenidos a español 3

  • Buenos días.


    Welcome to Spanish 3.  Our focus in level 3 is to expand student knowledge of the grammatical structures and of vocabulary.  I do not operate on a point system, I grade everything out of 100% and weight my grades in categories as follows:

    10% - Notebook 

    10% - Participation

    25% - Homework

    25% - Quizzes

    30% - Tests and Projects

    We will be relying heavily on our Student Interactive Notebooks (cuaderno interactivo estudantil) in order to do homework.  All homework is online on the Quia website and linked through Schoology.  There is an assignment for every day we have a scheduled class.  The homework page goes online every Friday at midnight and comes down the following Friday at midnight.  Students can normally redo the assignment as many times as they like until they obtain a satisfactory grade.  Students are required to get a minimum grade of 80%.  Students who do not do the homework or who score below the minimum grade will come in after school on Monday or Tuesday.  There are quizzes nearly every other day. There is a test or a project at the end of every unit of study. Every test or project has a speaking component.



    Students of Spanish 3 are expected to bring a 100 sheet composition notebook, 3 glue sticks and 3 dry erase markers.