Principal's Page



    Dear Alden Middle School Families:

    It is hard to believe that spring is right around the corner. The school year is going by so fast. As we close in on some warmer temperatures, our thoughts begin to focus on the end of year events.  Please reference this edition of our newsletter and be sure to mark your calendar with the many important upcoming activities. 

    As part of our continued efforts to address and prevent bullying and promote positive character, we continue to participate in the school wide character education initiative. For the past few months, teachers have been incorporating activities around the month’s character trait in their classroom and nominating “Students of the Month” who exemplified those traits. The week of February 10th, we celebrated kindness and caring week at Alden Middle School.   In conjunction with the February character trait of “Kindness”, we encouraged staff and students to participate in showing random acts of kindness throughout the week. The students participated in daily activities that went along with the day’s theme. Our upcoming character traits are “Curiosity, Acceptance, and Perseverance”. Please continue to encourage your children to demonstrate these traits on a daily basis. 

    Alden Middle School students will take the New York State Assessment in both English Language Arts and Mathematics.  The English Language Arts assessment will be administered Wednesday March 25th and Thursday March 26th.  The Mathematics assessment will be administered Wednesday April 22nd and Thursday April 23rd.   We value the role that multiple assessment measures play in informing quality instruction.  These assessments are one way the district is able to determine student understanding of grade level expectations and serves as a tool to help us evaluate our programs and curriculum.  We encourage all students to be here on time, get a good night sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and try their best during the assessments. We sent home additional information on this year’s assessment back in February.   

    Soon we will be experiencing warmer weather, it is important that your child is dressed appropriately for school on a daily basis.  The safety and security of the students at Alden Middle School are a main priority.  Please refer to page 9 in the Alden Middle School Student Handbook for additional information regarding our dress code. 

    March is “Music in our Schools” month at Alden Middle School. On March 5th through March 7th the students performed the Middle School musical “Willy Wonka Jr.”. Kudos to Mrs. Tryka, Mrs. Olka, Mrs. Sheehan, Mrs. Buell and the students for all your hard work and time to make the performance great.  We will wrap the month up on March 31st with the Band-O-Rama. This will take place in the HS gym and is when middle school band students join forces with the high school and intermediate school band students to have a combined concert. This was an awesome night. Thank you to Mrs. Nye, Mrs. Nieman, Mr. Larrabee, and all the students for their hard work and time practicing. 

    Our commitment is to provide a safe environment for our students every day. During the week of April 6th, the Middle School will take part in the ACSD Safety Week. Throughout the week, staff and students will be presented with different situations which will require them to go into one of our emergency preparedness procedures. We regularly conduct these drills, so in the event that an emergency does happen, our staff will be ready to put our emergency plans in place to ensure that all the students are safe. 

    Please join us for Alden Middle School’s Annual STEAM night on March 25th from 6 pm to 8 pm at Alden Middle School. STEAM is the combination of Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics bringing creativity to problem solving in education. Additional information will be forthcoming. 



    Steve Smith                                                  

    Middle School Principal