• Aerobic Club: Mrs. O'Neill
    A fun, effective, and healthy social environment that helps build lifetime fitness skills.

    Cooking Club: Mrs. Zelasko
    Cooking club is a middle school club that is open to all boys and girls in grades 6-8. This club is run by student guest chefs.  Cooking club meets twice per month.  Students sign up ahead of time to be a guest chef and if they are chosen, they prepare a food item of their choice for a group of 20 students to sample

    Arts and Crafts Club: Mr. Wehr
    Arts and crafts club is a voluntary club that meets once a month and is open to all students. This club is a time for fun creative thinking and imaginative expression while touching upon a variety of concepts. The arts and crafts club sessions will be focused on the STEAM concept and how science, technology, engineering, art and math all work together. Throughout the year they will use a variety of art materials and resources as they create and make their artistic works.

    Book Store Club: Mrs. Kerl
    Students can purchase various school supplies and snacks at the middle school book store located near room 247.

    Computer Club: Mrs. Kerl
    The Computer Club enables students of all grade levels to explore the computer in an open setting. Students use a variety of software applications to engage in diverse activities such as desktop publishing, website design, gaming, and computer programming.

    French Club: Mrs. Grosso
    French club gives 6th, 7th, and 8th graders an opportunity to learn more about French language, culture, and society.  Throughout the year we will study Spanish with hands on projects, crafts, food, and music

    Spanish Club: Mrs. Santiago
    Spanish club gives 6th, 7th, and 8th graders an opportunity to learn more about Spanish language, culture, and society.  Throughout the year we will study Spanish with hands on projects, crafts, food, and music

    Health Club: Mrs. Szablewski
    The Health Club meets one day per month in the Middle School Fitness Center.  Members engage in a variety of different work out styles in the hopes that one of these styles (or all of them) will promote a desire for continued pursuit of health and wellness.  These workouts include traditional and non-traditional stations, exercise bands, hand weights, kettle bells, circuit training, cardio equipment and rock wall.

    Yearbook Club: Mrs. Willard
    Together we create a yearbook for the Middle School that is published towards the final weeks in June. 

    Drama Club: Mrs. Snell
    The Drama Club welcomes all 6th-8th grade students by providing a creative outlet for actors, singers, dancers, artists, and technicians. Students learn and experience theatre arts, while also practicing public speaking skills, building self-confidence, and fostering teamwork. Drama Club members, in addition to a 4th and 5th grade ensemble, perform and participate in a full-scale musical production each Spring.

    Alden Bulldog Council: Mrs. Laraba
    Alden Bulldog Council is an organization that provides our students with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to become active, engaged leaders in their schools and communities. We meet monthly to discuss any upcoming events, make decisions for our school and complete projects to make our building a better place inside and out. We organize Fun Nights, Fun Fests, Pajama Days, Hat Days and other various events that result in donations to a variety of charities. Anyone and everyone is welcome to be a part of ABC. We not only have officers and cabinet members but also open our monthly meetings up to the entire student body.

    Junior Honor Society: Mrs. Mendez and Mrs. Smith
    National Junior Honor Society is a club that is nationwide and done by most schools in the United States.  The club is designed for students who exhibit character, scholarship, leadership, service, and citizenship.

    Robotic Club: Mr. Erhardt
    The robotics club is offered to 6th grade students in the fall and 7th grade students in the spring. Students will actively participate in constructing a programmable robot using Lego Mindstorm hardware and software.  Students will be using their imagination and creativity while working within the constraints of the given tasks.   Each of the sections(6th/7th) will consist of 7 different meeting dates taken place after school in the middle school technology lab room 2149. The club Advisor will be Mr.Erhardt the middle school technology teacher. Those students interested will be instructed to sign up with Mr.Erhardt, club size will be limited to 20 students each session.

    Running Club: Mr. Fazio
    This is a non-competitive club designed for all students who are interested in running, jogging or walking to get some exercise after school and socialize with friends.  You only need a good pair of running sneakers and weather appropriate clothing. A water bottle is recommended.  Be prepared to have fun.

    Creativity Club: Mrs. Smith
    In Creativity Club, students will participate in a variety of activities that challenge them to use creative thinking skills to complete challenges, solve puzzles, and design various items.  Club members will explore what creativity is and what we can do to become more creative.  So put your thinking caps on, keep your mind open, and get ready to tap into your creative self!

    Writers of the World Club: Mrs. Tryka
    Alden's writing club meets once or twice a month.  Our goal is to produce original writing pieces for publication in the middle school newsletter or The Alden Advertiser.  Students come to writing club to share ideas, receive revising and editing advice, and enjoy the company of other students who share a passion for writing.  This club provides students with an inspirational place where they can feel free to challenge themselves and take risks with their writing ideas.