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  • Battle of the Books participants: While our competition is sadly cancelled, I encourage you to keep reading the books! Plans are to reschedule our competition dates for next school year, when we return to school. If you'd like to return the books until the competition starts again next year, you can return them along with other library books. If you'd like to keep the copy you are reading; e-mail me at driggi@aldenschools.org and I will renew them for the next school year.


  • FREE BOOKS! A cart of new books (all free to a good home) is now available in the entrance to the middle school. It will be accessible whenever the office is open. These books are donations for your use! Feel free to keep them for your own library, or better yet, pass them along to another reader!


  • Please remember that BrainPop is available for your use! You can access interesting videos and activities from home with internet access. Please remember that user names and passwords to all our databases and subscriptions are in your agendas. BrainPop


  • Don’t forget that you have access to e-books via sora! If you have a public library card, you can also access the public library e-books. Your district user and password are all you need for sora, which can be accessed from the ditrict webpage or here sora

  • Please note that sora has links for simultaneous and free reads of Harry Potter! Check out the Harry Potter at Home portal!

  • Check out the scavenger hunts you can do! The link is at the bottom on the left.

  • Check out the virtual field trips I found! The link is near the bottom on the left.

  • Free activity downloads from The New York Public Library: click here


  • Looking for reading suggestions? Try these resources:









  • I am always available via e-mail! If you have questions or want to talk about a book, I’d love to hear from you! My e-mail is driggi@aldenschool.org


                                                    PLEASE KEEP READING!!!

  •   Destiny Discover                                        
                                         person with books


    Tips for searching Destiny Discover






    The mission for the Alden Middle and Intermediate School Libraries is to ensure that students are effective users of information and ideas.

    Our Program Goals:

    To provide intellectual and physical access to
    information and ideas        


    To provide curriculum support through material  selection
     and cooperative planning with classroom teachers

    To promote literacy and the lifelong appreciation of reading through
     a variety of techniques

    Donn Meadows-Riggi
    School Library Media Specialist
    Alden Middle & Intermediate School
    13250 Park Street
    Alden, NY 14004

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